Redefining What it Means to Save the World

Ever since I was a wee lad, I’ve had the feeling in my gut that I’m supposed to save the world.

It’s a feeling that’s always attracted me to superhero movies and even created consternation over the years as I struggled to find my “superhero” path.

In many ways, this has been a good thing. It was at the heart of my decision to shut my seven-figure PR/ad agency because I didn’t feel I was doing my part to save the world.

During the past year, however, I’ve come to the realization that “save the world” means something very different to me now than it did in my childhood.

Earlier this year, when the COVID lockdowns happened, and then the civil unrest in American cities — I felt that “twinge” that I wasn’t doing my part to pull the world from the precipice of disaster. This led me to feel a bit lost; like I was failing.

In going down that path, I was taking myself away from the world that SHOULD be my priority to protect: That of my wife, Julie, our kids, and myself.

There are people tasked with solving various problems throughout the world (whether or not they’ve done so during the past year is a different matter — and perhaps the topic of an upcoming post.)

My duty relates to create value for my clients, my family, and myself.

It’s a big part of what drove Julie and I to sell our home and most of our possessions and hit the road on our freedom lifestyle adventure.

But I’ve also learned something else along the way: Rather than focus on “creating memorable experiences,” I need to focus more on being present for the experiences we’re creating along the way.

Yes, it’s important to define the life you want to live and reverse engineer it so you know the daily outcomes you need to achieve to get there.

But it’s important not to “force” those daily outcomes.

In these first four months of traveling, I’ve had to stop myself from creating stress for myself and others by the daily mad dash to create new experiences. While the travel has been helpful to focus more on the present, it’s also created a “tyranny of the present” in which I’m sometimes so fearful of missing out, that I create new stress by running us ragged.

Now we’ve learned to take more “chill days” (staying at home, relaxing, and not trying to force in a hike, a bike, or some other adventure.)

We’ve learned to flow with the weather patterns, rather than cursing the cold and clouds.

We’ve learned to create the “guard rails” on the life we want to live; we’ve set the parameters of where we want to go and generally the types of days we want to have — and then we flow, rather than force.

This involves re-setting our calendars for work and play, depending on our location, time zone, and climate.

It allows us to live our life in alignment, in which I can provide excellent value and impact to my clients — while not missing a beat with my family and self-care.

So, in short, I feel like I’m saving the world on a daily basis.

Perhaps I’m not leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

But I’ve ensured the world we (my family and I) live in is the one we WANT to live in.

And I’m helping my clients unleash prosperity at a time when they absolutely need it.

How are you saving the world?

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