How to Master Your Brand Authority: Curt Mercadante on The Business Credit & Financing Show

“I had to reach out because your approach was so unique,” one listener of this podcast told me when we connected on the phone.

What is that unique approach?

According to this listener, I’m the only branding expert who didn’t talk to him about the need for Facebook ads and online funnels.

The truth, I told him, was that my approach isn’t revolutionary.

Quite the opposite: It’s “old school.”

It’s built on a strong, yet simple foundation: Right message. Right clients. Right revenue.

Please listen to the full conversation above, in which host Ty Crandall and I discuss:

  • Clearly identifying your ideal client.

  • Crafting a compelling impact story message based on what that ideal client wants.

  • Building a process to consistently communicate that message to those clients.

Not revolutionary. Timeless principles.

But it‘s an approach that seems unique in the current world of commodity branding.

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