Building a Business that Supports Your Vision

How can you build a business that supports the vision you have for your life?

How can you make sure you are continually scaling a business that speaks to you?

How can you make sure you are scaling your finances in a way that allows you to do more of what you love and be with who you love?

I discuss all this and more with host Elizabeth Hartke on the Scaling Up Podcast.

Key quote from this show:

“My days are chock full. I’m not busy, but they’re full. I’ll work for three hours because I have three defined outcomes, and then I’ll get up, I’ll shut my computer, and I’ll go read to my kids, or we’ll go to the beach, or my wife and I will go on a date, or I take a boxing class in the middle of the day. … A lot of people haven’t defined the things outside of work that they would actually do. You can create anything you want.”

You can listen to this episode here:

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