Becoming more purposeful, productive, and profitable

Thanks to Dr. Pelè Raymond for having me on his Profitable Happiness Podcast.

From Dr. Pelè's show notes:

Picture this: he's living a modern-day nomadic lifestyle deep in the mountains with his wife and children. He sports a half-graying beard and a trim, healthy build in a suit.
He is a seasoned business storyteller, a top LinkedIn influencer, and knows how to help you get in 'flow' to build a profitable business.
Is this guy your next business sage, or perhaps the body double of Tom Hanks in 'Castaway'? In this episode, we meet Curt Mercadante, Principal and Founder of Merc Enterprises, where he helps entrepreneurs, executives, and enterprises become more purposeful, more productive, and more profitable.
My Favorite Quotes from Curt Mercadante in this episode, (paraphrased):
  • Ask yourself each day: WHY do you do what you ?

  • Find the boulders in your day and get rid of them!

  • Business success requires getting 3 things right: Message, Clients, and Revenue!

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